Top 5 WhatsApp tracker in Android phone

Friends today our article is going to be very special because today our topic is very special as you know that nowadays every person uses WhatsApp so today I am going to tell you some settings of WhatsApp which You will be very happy to know and you will benefit a lot in using WhatsApp in your daily life. First setting If you go to WhatsApp and you click on a user’s DP, you have You must have seen that one of the three options below is the i button. If we click on this i, you will see an attraction below for mute notification. If you turn it off, all the calls from this number will be muted. Notifications will not be visible to you in your mobile so that person will not be able to bother you too much and if you look down a little you will see another option in front of you which is media visibility if you click on it. Yes, your number will be on Yes. If you read it and do OK, then the benefit will be that all the videos and photos from this number will not be saved in your gallery, only WhatsApp Me. Also, if you look down a little, you will see another option, the disappearing message caption will appear. If click on it, you will see more options. The option will be OFF if you do it for 24 hours then the entire chat from you and this guy will be automatically deleted.

Also, if you want to check your personal WhatsApp to see if it is being used by someone else, you can use another trick that will let you know which mobile your WhatsApp is on. But if anyone else is using it, for that you have to open your WhatsApp, you will see a dot 3 in a corner, as soon as you click on it, you will see some other options in front of you. You will see the third option link Device. As soon as you click on it, the name of the mobiles on which your WhatsApp will be logged in or running will appear in front of you. If the name doesn’t show then it means your whatsapp is totally secure but if you have any device or mobile number or name show in this place then you can vote for it.
If you want to connect your WhatsApp to pc or laptop then you can also use this option, for that you will see a link device option, click on it and a scanner will appear in front of you. will come through which you can transfer your WhatsApp to your laptop by scanning your warranty card.

Apart from this, if you want to check the complete WhatsApp chat history of your girlfriend, then I will tell you one method for that. First of all, you have to download one by one. I will give it below. Download it from there. After downloading the app, open your WhatsApp and open the WhatsApp chat history of the boy or girl with whom you want to open the chat. You will get a You will see 3 dots in the corner, click on them, then you will see some options in front of you, one of them will be more option, if you click on it with the key, you will see some more options. You have exported chat. As soon as you click on it, two more options will appear in front of you. Next, you have to click on the without media option, then the application that we are currently using will appear in front of you. had downloaded from the link, after clicking on it, the complete WhatsApp chat history of that boy or girl will start playing in your mobile.

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