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What’s up guys, today’s article of ours is about the famous and good application of the world, about which you people may also know, so this application is used for editing something. Today we will discuss about the best application with this application you can convert your simple photo into very good video stories and you can also use a lot of fx in your video which will make your video. It will look amazing and you can also upload your WhatsApp status on Facebook story or Instagram story. The application we are going to talk about today is the best editing application in terms of editing. First of all if you are visiting our website for the first time then you can also follow this website and by commenting you can tell how you like my information if you are really behind information and want to learn information. So you can get very good information from this website which will be useful in your daily life also so now we Let’s mention the application and tell you how to edit it. The first application we are going to talk about is called cap cut, so we will explain it in detail.

Cap Cut ۔

The number one application of today’s topic is cap cut is a very popular application and if you use Tik Tok then you must have heard the name of the application because the filters and effects on Tik Tok are mostly like this. There are applications that people use in Tik Tok to make their videos viral. Editing of this application is very easy. Any common person can do this editing without any teacher and without anyone. But if you do editing and you don’t understand it, today I will tell you about it in a little detail. Instead, you have to go to Tik Tok and use your favorite template and from there you can use the cap cut templates of this application. Also, if you want to do your own editing of a video or photo, then you can do it yourself. While on such an application, you can do it more easily if you want to add a song to your video or any other song. It is also very easy and this application has another great advantage that if you support the video after editing it, the cap cut logo will be placed on top of the video, but if your After editing, when you export your video to Tik Tok, you will get a clean video and the logo will not show. If you want to download this application, I will give you the link below this article.


In terms of editing, you will be very happy to know that the second application that I am going to share with you today is very easy to edit and it does most of the same work as the previous application. But it is many sins easier than that and this application is called kinmaster which is also a very good application and most of the youtubers use this application to edit their videos hardly you know the name of this application. But if you have heard the name then you will also know its function in that if you want to put a song behind your video then in a very easy way you can do this also if you If you want to add a voiceover to your video, then this option is also available in such an application. In addition, if you want to make a video by combining two of your videos, then you can do that in a very easy way on this application. are On this application you can remove the bag ground from any of your photos. If you want to write something on that photo or video, you will find many fonts in which you can write on it in a beautiful way. Yes, before using this application let me tell you that if you want to remove people from it you have to pay some money but if you don’t pay the price then kinemaster logo on top of your video.

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