Top 2 earning applications in Pakistan

I am going to tell you top 2 apps that can earn you millions of rupees in months if you work part time in these apps you can earn money but if you work full day on it like that person. If you do, you can earn money on it as a member, most of the people work in it only part-time and you can run your business as well as your employment through these applications, you don’t even have to invest in them. And you can also build your own business in it. I suggest that you can earn millions of rupees through one of these applications while sitting at your home. I can make you money without investment

( 1 ) YouTube

The first application how you can earn money is a best video sharing which you also know that you watch videos in it but you don’t earn money from it. Yes I am talking about YouTube. If your video goes viral, YouTube gives you money as salary, but if your first video goes viral, you won’t get paid unless you The YouTube account will not be monetized. To monetize the account, you need to have 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of WhatsApp time, and after that, if your video reaches 1000 views, you will be paid three dollars, but if your video is out.

If your video is seen in the country, you can be paid more than that. If your video goes viral, you will be paid about 3 dollars. If your subscribers are more and your daily By uploading video then more your video will go viral and you will be given more money by youtube so now youtube B Create a channel and start working on it. Your video will not go viral easily. If your content is entertainment or informative for people, chances of your video going viral are high.

( 2 ) Snake video

Second, we can earn money through this application, it is also a short video application, through this application you can earn money and also create your fan following. This application is giving the most money in Pakistan at the moment. You must have understood that I am talking about the snack video with you, watch many of them and you will get money, of which I will tell you the first way to earn money. You can also do a live stream on video through which you have to give information to the people. The more people in your live stream, the more benefit you will get.

You can also send gifts and you will be given diamonds which you can exchange in Pakistani rupees and secondly you can earn money by building your family if you have a good worker in your family. The video goes viral and they will also work, then money will be given to you as well as to those who will be in your family if you build your family. You will get more money, but if you are added to someone’s family, you will be given less money. Ok now I am going to tell you the last way to earn money from snack video but it will give you very little earning you can get only thirty to forty rupees per day by watching ads but for that you will get more than fifty. Ads must be viewed If your video goes viral on Snack Video, you can still earn money through Creator Center. These two applications are great applications that try to give you maximum money depending on your work.

If you work on them, these applications will cooperate with you. Their logarithm is very good. If the video is good, you can get fame in this application and you can also create a good fan following. There are many people in Pakistan who are earning millions of rupees from YouTube for months and you can watch them. and also follow and subscribe but you don’t try to earn money by working yourself if you work hard on it with good content you can become a good youtuber or snack star within a year but if your luck With this you can be successful in less time even if you work part time on these application also you can go towards success to work online you have to take your brain with you.

And these applications are famous all over Pakistan and almost every Pakistani has these 2 applications installed in their mobiles but very few people earn money from it. If so, hurry up and become one of those people who earn money and not one of those who waste their time watching videos and the most important thing is that you can do this work even sitting at your home to earn money. You don’t even have to go out of the house because this application can make you profit in millions, so hurry up and start working.

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