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Today I am going to tell you some specific ways to earn money you have to read this watch you will learn the secret of making money and you will earn millions in months I am going to tell you some applications through which you can You can earn in thousands every dayThe first application in which you can earn money is called Snack Video. It is a short video app through which you can also upload videos on it and earn money. There will be ways to earn. One of which is to live stream you have to come live for 40 minutes a day through which Snack Video app gives you money and the other way is to create a family or join a family from your Snack Video family.

You can also earn good amount of money through family you can also communicate with each other a family has about 500 people with whom you can also share your videos with which the possibility of your short video going viral is very high. become more Also you can earn money by inviting new members if you invite a new member then you will be given 60 rupees the last way to earn money is snack coin by watching ads You can also earn money, you can earn about 30 rupees daily, there is another box option in which we can try our luck by opening this box, it gives us maximum coins or minimum coins.

can get you just click on it and that box will open and you can get minimum 50 coins and when you get thousand coins then next day you will get one rupee You will get as many Pakistani Rupees as you collect 1000 Coins but you can earn maximum 40 Rupees per day.If you work well on snack video then you can earn lakhs of rupees in months but you have to work hard as you know without hard work you don’t get fruit snack video is a good application. which many people are earning in pakistan so join snack video now and start earning money if you don’t have a snack video app then you can download it from below download button this application Not only Pakistanis but people of every country can earn money from it. Apart from this, this is a best short video app through which you can share your thoughts with people and also earn a good fan following through this app.

On such an app you can watch good videos that will entertain you and you can also get information from it.You can make your family the most earning from snack video, for this you have to create your family in which you have to know 500 people who like and comment every video of yours and you have to earn money. Also if you go viral on snack video then you will start getting money so create your family now and start making videos through which your video will go to people then people will join your family. If your family comes in top 10 or top 5 then you will have maximum earning and for this you need to have good family members if any video of your family member. If it goes viral, it will benefit you too.

On Sneak video application you can also earn money by live streaming and you can also chat with people, if they want to ask any kind of dream, they can ask you and you can also answer them live. I and best thing you can also earn money by chatting you just have to live stream 40 minutes in a day if you stream daily you will get a lot of benefits desi aap id Unfreeze will be done and it will be very easy for you to earn money.The more people on your stream, the more you will benefit.If you have 100,000 followers on any other short video platform, you can also become a verified creator on Sneak Video.

If you want to go viral on snack video app then you have to make a good and clean video so that your video can be played on training but if your video is still not going viral then you can share your video and share it with your family.

Do it and tell those people to like and comment on my video, the logarithm of the Snack Video app will make your video viral and you can upload a kind of contact so that you can become an official content creator. will give

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