Easy Chrome Extensions For Students – Must Have in 2022

As requested, I have compiled Must have chrome extensions for students that really do the job to make student life easier and increase working efficiency.

So after a day of browsing the Google Extension store, I discovered genius ways for organization and productivity through the help extensions.

So Let’s get started!

Top Chrome Extensions For Students



Momentum is a Chrome extension that helps you focus on what you need to get done. It’s a simple way to stay on task and free!

Momentum is a must-have for students looking for ways to keep themselves organized and focused while they’re studying.

I know this is pretty much overrated, but I think it deserves the hype. Momentum does tons of things.

To get yourself a new tab, you can click this tiny icon or just click the plus sign.

Instead of seeing a usual Chrome tab, momentum will give you a different view. It has this aesthetic nature background that changes every day and the quote is at the bottom.

So each day you have a brand new background for your tabs. What I love about this one is you can customize it according to what you really want.

Below, you can type your main focus for the day. So, for example, my main focus is to study, and you can check it out once you are done doing it.

Google Dictionary

google dictionary

For the second chrome extension. It’s called Google dictionary.

So, for example, I am studying the constitution, and while reading this article, I read some unfamiliar words.

So, for example, I don’t know the meaning of this word.

So by highlighting it, Google Dictionary will give you the meaning of the word.

So instead of going to another tab, this Chrome extension will help you to know the meaning by just highlighting the text.

Isn’t it easy? I know, guys. I know.

Ad Blocker


The next Chrome extension is not really associated with studying, but it really helps me to get away with annoying ads. I am easily distracted by ads popping up on my screen. So I decided to use this Chrome extension.

And this is called ad block. It really does the job.



The fourth extension is called to do list. 

This will enable you to list your task on Chrome.

Isn’t it amazing?

So, for example, today I have to do my creative writing homework.

So all I have to do is to list everything here

And this icon will show how much work I need to complete for today



The following Chrome extension is called Dualist. So what Dualist does is it speaks your tab. So while reading, you can watch videos, or while viewing, you can type on Google Docs. This extension has a bunch of dimensions that you can choose from.



The next Chrome extension is called coffeelings. This is a mood tracker. I know it’s quite far from being study related, but for a student like me who wants to track my mood, this Chrome extension is beneficial. I’ve been using this since February and I find it really cute.

Picture in Picture

picture in picture extension by google

Picture in picture. For example, I am watching a YouTube vlog or any video, educational or not. And at the same time, I am also reading an article or reviewing and watching a video helps me to study more.

This chrome extension will help you see and play the video while on a different tab or while you are using Ms, Word, PowerPoint and whatnot.

Dark Reader

dark reader

This Chrome extension is meant for nocturnal people like me. I love to work at night, so I needed this extension to help me at night as well.

So Dark Reader helps you to customize what you see on your page. You can make it dark mode or light mode. If you want it less, brighter or warmer.

This extension enables you to do so.



Students, writers, and other professionals can use Grammarly as a “writing assistant” to check and improve their writing. 

It improves vocabulary and checks for more than 250 different kinds of spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes.



This is a great Chrome extension for students. It allows you to take screenshots, record videos and save them. You can also record a video of pages or tabs open in your browser window and save it as a file on your computer or upload it to Google Drive. The app will also allow you to take screenshots of full-screen windows, a selected area of the page that is focused on with your mouse cursor or touch


I hope you guys learned something new today. I highly encourage you to try this for yourself own selves and see if it really does the job. Make sure to comment down below if you tried some of these Chrome extensions already.

Thank you so much for reading and see you guys on my next blog.


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